That should be - "unique prints" - for sale

A limited edition print usually means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced and that all prints are exactly the same. Mine differ in one aspect of this, that is they are all completely individual.

When looking at how I could produce a print of a video piece the answer was simple. Instead of producing a hundred prints numbered 1/100 in series, I have created 1 print of each second of the video (those seconds that include the video overlay - of course). This means there are in some cases only 67 prints. That's the 67 seconds of the 01:46 second video where an image overlay appears.

A high quality print is made of the base painting and then I hand paint the background to match the color of the original painting and hand paint the video overlay scene as it stands on that second of the video. That's why they are a series but also all different. There will never be another of each one, they are all individual and unique.

Price for these is £60 plus package and posting (that will depend on where and how it will be sent.)

Please feel free to contact me by email about a purchase (or a few!) via PayPal and I will be able to send you images of the remaining prints available for each piece so you can choose one you like. I can supply framed or unframed and all are hand numbered and signed.